The Vagabond [Jul 22 Updated!]

Im convinced Vagabond chat by Adding cards from outside his Deck to his hand. Had him locked down, I had a Cyber End Dragon and 400 LP, he 3 fur hires and 1300 LP. Turn before he decks out, he summons Winged Dragon of Ra, destroys my Dragon, Powerful Rebirth a monster and kills me.
Or just really lucky either way feels bad man
Vagabond, no effect activation challenge, he's using Anki deck.

His opening hand? Decider, Cosmic Cyclone, Mask Change, and Canadia. Then he draws a second Decider.

Literally the most perfect opening hand you can have for that deck.

And then he just happens to Cyclone my WOD, as if he already know it's the dangerous one for Anki and my other Set card is Econ, thus can be chained to Cyclone.....
<< Anonymous
Not to mention, I check the deck afterwards, the deck only runs 2 Decider and 2 Cosmic Cyclone. He has one of each in his opening hand.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, Vaga🔥 always has perfect starting hands and draws, as well as knowing what your facedowns are
Just dueled Vagabond who runs an Amazoness deck.

I would've won with my Aromage deck, but....not only the Amazoness deck just happens to be one that runs a single Sphere Kuriboh in it, but also, Vagabond, as usual, has it in his hand within his first 3 turns.

Seriously, every single time Vagabond uses a deck with Sphere Kuriboh in it, he always has it within the first 3 turns. Obviously rigged.


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They are sad tryhards, its not fun, don't deceive yourself(s).
When was there ever strategy in duel links lol? and of course you use the same strategy if it wor...
to explain a popular one such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. requires "Red-eyes black dragon&qu...
I'm not saying those guys aren't relevant throughout history. And yeah, Mai has also go...
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