Tag Duel [June 11 2018 - June 19 2018]

Tackrad 7days ago
at this rate an amazomess deck is the only way to win in the blue-eyes cup
Valencia 7days ago
Amazoness would help for sure. But I did manage to win the blue eyes cup with D-Heroes and only 2 Masked hero Anki. What really doesn't help is that Mokuba's deck is basically just dragon beatdown, although shrink is nice.
v4d3r 7days ago
the only way...
Eeveelution 7days ago
What are you kidding? I won it all three times using a Dragon deck
Anoymous 7days ago
Just use a powerful Dragon deck with good backroll that has synergy with Mokuba's deck.
Anoymous 7days ago
Dino Unga Bunga wins every auto duel the only exception are the "Turdsdale Bros." because of power bond OTK
Tackrad 6days ago
i thought maybe my mistake :P



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Is there a way I could summon it easier the only way I could think of is to draw/discard all the ...
Lol Can you make these for all the other guys?
Another cancer climbing coming. So this deck as been played by previous sylvan user. What are mor...
And what do you mean by placing the brackets between(always)? are you mocking me?
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