Paradox Brothers

Gate Guardian sucks though and is to hard to summon
i bet they will have a skill that will make it overall easier to summon gate guardian
They just released some pendulum monsters that are Gate Guardian supports. Of course Pendulum is not available, so they're gonna include: Priestess of the Gate (monster) and Ancient Gate of the Guardians (Field Spell)
Hopefully in future they upgrade Gate Guardian version more later a retain version of all three cards. Its only has 250 points up than Valkyrion. Plus it doesn't have any effect other than summon condition. The card just suck. Flat on stats and flat on its effect.
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
I don't know where you're hearing this, Konami hasn't come out with any gate guardian support whatsoever.
In the anime in that labyrinth duel, the Gate Guardian pieces were immobile until all 3 were summoned. I wouldn't be surprised if this is emulated as an ability by allowing you to summon Gate Guardian by sending its pieces from the hand (still terrible, but so is Weevil's Moth skill).
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Those are cards from "cardmaker" page, so, they´re just fan creations, gate guardian has no official support nor confirmed for future releases.
<< Anonymous
Yes man! I was extremely stupid and I'm ashamed, they are indeed fan creations. But the maker put his heart on those cards, the artwork is fantastic



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