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Oh, Syrus, the guy who’s unlock event nearly nobody liked in late May, is coming back. Seriously, how the f**k did he become an unlockable character before Zane when Zane came first?!?!?!?! PS Give us playable Zane and Cyber Dragons already!!!!!!! And no more DM characters!!! We have way too many now. Focus on getting new worlds (5Ds) or more new playable GX characters. That might just give this game a better reception. Don’t just give us crap events!!!
More DM character= more gems and skills. New world needs a lot of work. In addition if put the best characters and the other worlds from the start what new will you wait from the game?
<< Anonymous
"From the start?" Come on. It has been over a year already and almost a year since GX. I think we have waited long enough for the aces.
<< Anonymous
DM has about 30 characters. who else do you want? Just because DM is the first gen doesn't mean they should add every characters in the series.
<< Anonymous
Some egyptian chicks as playable character would be nice.
<< Anonymous
Enough wit DM!! time focus to GX especially zane unlock character
You forgot that we had an Espa Roba event in november and we still don't have Espa Roba or Jinzo at all lol
<< Anonymous
2 espa roba events even.
Seriously i don't like DM (It's the worst yugioh series) But is still want more DM chracter... because more character is more card and more gem....
You do not want new DM characters but you want more gems ok i believe you have 100000000000000000000000000000000 iq
I'm with him give us Zane, Yubel, Hasselberry, Atticus, Jim crocodile, some of the shadow riders, and viper would be some good characters



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False. Everyone is gonna whine about Synchro Samurai and Nepthys-Yubel until those decks actually...
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