Paradox Brothers

Why many poeple complaining about this event ? i think, for FTP Players : Regardless which character that'll comes out, konami will give you more cards, especially more gems to to obtain (if you already on max stage and maximized all character level) and now you're struggling to get a gems, plus more variety of playable characters. And For P2W Players : Nah, i think not a single problem right ? Because you'll say "screw the rules, i have money!" to get all cards and gems. so i'll just enjoy playing that new character. So what's the problem ?
Shut up kid
Yup very true.
There is obviously no problem. People just want to be assholes
<< Anonymous
Stop commenting like that mate. people just want to gave their opinion. you dissapointed because konami don't give what you want ? Quit playing then.
Yeah but P2P players are disappointed. It sucks spending money on a game you love only for them to release shitty events
The problem is that.. Some people just born to complain.
Nice reference. But whilst I do agree that this event isn't bad, I'm really just sort of annoyed that they haven't released Marik yet, and instead waste their events on minor characters like these two. Though I do want to see what the playstyle will be for these characters or what skills they'll have.
I myself kinda dislike this event because their signature cards that you're guaranteed to get from unlocking them are craps(and probably their special event cards as well). Relinquished are amazing and Necrofear is decent but Gate Guardian? Blergh. At least Lava Golem could have some use
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Man who u tellin im pissed they give us these losers instead of marik...i been waitin for months
The problem is people are idiots. They see the Paradox Brothers and think they replaced some other potential character for no logical reason. They don't think "oh, hey, more characters, cool". They think "well, guess I'm never going to see Marik/whatever other random character, so I hate these guys".
<< Anonymous
To the guy who said he will never see marik again... Omg, this is such a childish remark. You five year old? We play whatever comes and have fun along the way. Get a life kid. Do something else. The world not only anime and yourself.



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