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This what we need not that trash
and cyber dragon nova as well as infinity
<< Anonymous
gtfo with your xyz
<< Anonymous
XYZs are great for the game anonymous. ps (other anonymous) I’ve personally played with the real life cybers deck and nova infinity combos are amazing.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, amazingly 🔥ous.
I must admit xyz's whether 🔥ous or not alone would be 🔥ous if we got them for cydras before we even got the actual level 5 cyber dragon just so we could at least enjoy cyber end dragon fusions before the cydra xyz come. Having the xyzs come before cyber end dragon is viable or at the same time as when it is viable would just make a missed opportunity and would be completely boring tbh


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Like the previous dude, I got my 1st and 2nd Circle in my 3rd pack. Then my 3rd Circle in my 15th...
That’s how we all know you’re full of crap. You don’t get KoG with pure F2P dec...
If it’s chained it’s ineffective, if it’s after the fact it’s ineffective...
The main reason why we F2P players can't "truly understand optimised decks" is gem...
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