I need too do 3 tribute summons Too get too stage 9 ?. .

I need too do 3 tribute summons

Too get too stage 9 ?. .


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Hi, do you have @@@?
Tribute summon = Normal summon a level 5+ monster

Other "tributes" don't count, e.g. Ritual tributes or special summons by tributing stuff.
You need to Normal summon a lv5 or higher monster (blue-eyes, dark magician, dark magician girl, etc)

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You can search for a different Imp than the one you return. As to why the Skill doesn´t let...
The effects kinda confusing even for expert players but it's basically banish 2, draw 3. Bet...
Who dares to make a joke about the 2nd handsomest Yugioh character?
No, Scud is the 2nd handsomest. Nice pick too.
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