How do you get and equip the titles? I have gotten to stage 2 and dueled in it in both past KC Cups and WCS. But nothing ever shows up by my name before a duel and it always says that I have not acquired any titles under my profile. Is there something else I need to do first or are they only visible to other players?

29days ago


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29days ago
Edit- I received the WCS title, but never any KC Cup ones. Is there a trick to getting KC Cup titles? I got to stage 2 and dueled in it. I don't know what else to do to get the "KC Cup second stage duelist" title that I see for other players for different months.

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Cyber dragon

What do we actually know about the release of cyber dragon? A lot of rumors no answers.
29days ago

what pack carrys more light monsters in it

for the card tradder
29days ago

The winged dragon of Ra

How can we get the winged dragon of ra or when?
29days ago

Why i can't find certain cards at the card trader?

I'm currently building an exodia deck and I'm missing a few cards, all that are obtaina...
29days ago

Card exchange tickets in abundance

Okay, so I've accumulated 14 exchange tickets (6x N, 1x R, 4x SR, and 3x UR) And I have no i...
29days ago

Do we REALLY need Zexal World?

People is saying that maybe in this september we will have zexal world, with it the Xyz monsters....

Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird

Why does his effect not activate sometimes? Not sure as to why no traps or spells on the field.

Why my dragon slash Red eyes can't negate the effect of behemoth umastryx?

I believe that i can do negate the effect, cause it selected one of my cards, but i can't, a...

Is it worthwhile to farm Legendary Duelists?

Of the cards that give which ones are useful?

Skill Jaden Neo Space

Hey guys, as I missed the event for getting this new skill, I was wondering how can I get it ? It...



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Jews control their minds, they control their lives, secret Jewish institutions manipulate societi...
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