Why my dragon slash Red eyes can't negate the effect of behemoth umastryx?

I believe that i can do negate the effect, cause it selected one of my cards, but i can't, and i lose se eral match cause of that


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Slash's effect needs to be chained immediately after the card that targets him.
As someone who uses subterror, I can tell you it's because you need to chain directly after to negate, but we chain subterror nemesis warrior directly to the behemoth's effect so it can't be negated
Slash Dragon, like all activation negation effects (aside from Vanity's Call), can only be chained directly to the effect it's negating. If something (like, oh, I don't know, Subterror Nemesis Warrior) is chained before you can use Slash Dragon, Slash Dragon can't do anything about it.
Yeah what the heck. i have seen multiple do that to my subterror deck my red eyes deck dont do crap against it? even with 2 equips. what is with this. its not fair lmao.
It can't negate the effect if you didn't have equip card(s)

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