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Once Inglorious Bastion is over, there will only be two characters out of the 5 original GX launch characters that we were given to start with (and this is assuming that they stick with the pattern of doing these 5 characters first for "Super" roaming events) that we have not had roaming events for yet: Alexis and Aster. Realistically speaking, what cards can we expect Konami to give us for them? If you have seen their signature card lines on youtube, you will understand why Konami has waited until end to do them. So, files or not, what do you think Konami would try to do for these two without giving us something "too good" in a roaming event?


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I doubt we'll get an Alexis event. If they were planning one, we wouldn't have gotten the rest of her ice stuff in packs. It's worth noting that most of her cards either already exist in Duel Links, or aren't likely to ever exist in Duel Links. White Veil and Cyber Tutubon are about it. Maybe a little of the new Cyber Angel stuff.
Maybe they will add more support for poor CA. I believe they aren't that OP (even if they remove the limited CA cards from the list) considering current meta.

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