Have problem with how unlocking “crow hogan”

Now i am on stage 25 and one of this stage missions “play 1 Duel against crow hogan in duel world, and I don’t have seen crow from frist stage 5ds so far!!!

You can see my video below for more understand what i mean


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13days ago
I am now in lv 26 and I have beaten Sector Security with a DA of 5,000 or higher but I still cannot unlock Crow Hogan.
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To get Crow, beat Sector Security with a DA of 5,000 or higher. Use the bonus going on along with the item that gives you 1,000 DA to make it insanely easy
You can get Crow by beating a Standard Duelist called Sector Security with a Duel Assessment of 5000 or over. That will give you his unlock missions, complete them and you'll be able to play as him and he'll appear at the gate
You need to defeat Sector Security with 5000 or higher duel assessment in 5D's World to have Crow Hogan Unlock Missions appeared.

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There is no level 50
I use this with survival instinct, I also banish giant rex, and I say bye bye.
I do that to farm people, funny.
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