Leo level 29 bug against Luna

Hi, I just had this duel with Leo Lv 29 against Luna Lv 10 at the gate to fulfill the mission battle against Luna on stage 27. After winning Leo got +0 exp but went straight up to lv 30, but that would have needed at least 5000 or more exp. Did someone else had this, too?

10days ago


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9days ago
That's normal. You were probably 750 XP (or 2250 with 3x rewards) away from lv30.

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10days ago



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seriously though.. i wish they would make tag duels a game mode in pvp or have some kinda online ...
Really komoney??
this deck needs Legionnaire to make it truly competitive or Ravine
Lol, you are the one that got it reversed. XYZ is the monster and xyz is the summoning mechanic.
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