Why is Officer Trudges skill Let's Go Goyo so bad?

The skill completely removes your extra deck for one card that isn't even very good. Why did you make this skill so much worse than the other 5ds character skills that are exactly the same? You basically ruined people wanting to play this characters cards

10days ago


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6days ago
It's because the OCG (which Konami is more heavily involved in than the TCG) has a crippling irrational fear of Goyo Guardian even to this day. Even after the TCG unbanned it completely and it did nothing in the meta, it still took the OCG over three years to even bring it to 1 and even then they demanded it be nerfed to need an EARTH tuner.
9days ago
While it's true that Goyo was banned for quite some time, it was also a better version of Goyo that was banned, not the current one.

It seems like a kneejerk pre-balance measure that goes too far. If the Jutte Fighters weren't added to the deck or if Goyo was added to the existing Extra Deck, it might work fine. As-is, it's useless. Using your skill to both compromise your deck's tempo as well as limit your Synchro options for the sake of a single monster that lacks any self protection is ridiculous.
9days ago
I was disappointed about the extra deck thing too, but Goyo Guardian is a pretty great card. It was limited/banned for a long time for a reason. IMO the skill is best used to further buff decks that can hold their own without an extra deck and have lots of level 4 monsters; I've been having some fun using Let's Go Goyo with Aromages.
10days ago
Asking a question so you can answer it yourself and make a statement isn't how the Q and A section is supposed to work, you dumb fucking retard.

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