Is it a bug?

I been playing as yami Marik and i got the skill "power of the tributed" now I normally summon ra and got his effect of reducing my life points to increase his atk and def but lately I do the same and a box appear saying "you miss the activation time for the effect of ra" so my question is, is that a bug? Or now I can't use both the skill an the effect in the same time?


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It is because you are playing against weevil, that's why this "bug" happens.


On a serious note, I believe this may be a bug or probably intended (not sure), but iirc this has been happening since 5Ds released.
Yeah, happens to me also. But with another skill, the effect of Ra activates.
It started happening to me (very inconveniently) in the middle of the last Zane event. I think it could be a bug.

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