how to achive comeback victory?

I have tired to achive comeback victory to unlock chazz, can anyone help me please...


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Let him attack you until your LP is 1000 or less and then summon a monster
Your LP must be lower than your oponent's at the start of the turn during which you won.
Deal with the guys down below suggested he's right that works good luck
You can easly do a comeback vic by dueling a low level legendery duelist like lvl10 jaden let him hit you sometimes when you are filling like you can make his lp 0 hit him hard and get him to 0 befor his lp are lower than yours
You need to be vs'ing a female character (or a male if you swing that way), take them from behind and cum on their back as you finish. hence comeback victory.
Elements Unite! allows you to achieve Comeback Victories easily
Comeback victory is when your lifepoints are lower than your opponent before you do your final attack to finish the opponent of.
I honestly think it's a buggy one, I've gotten it in some weird circumstances. Once when I passed on the play without dropping a monster against Insect Multiplication AI Deck and they filled the board with the ant tokens. They didn't deal any damage to me and I proceeded to steamroll but still came out with Come Back
You do comeback victory, duh

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Chain scrap storm to it or summon it while having multiple searchers in grave to activate multipl...
destiny heroes are in the meta so its unnecessary
It does work when face-down flipped up from battle destruction.
oh well hes not gonna get added for a long long time i can tell you that much lol
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