How to get balance

I've been trying to unlock this skill by farming legendary duelists, playing ranked matches, casuals... you name it, but I can't seem to unlock it.
Is there an specific character who drop this skill? Or something?

10days ago


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8days ago
Maybe you are trying to get it with a characters who don't have it
You can get it for seto, mai, keith, paradox brothers, yami yugi, yami marik, yami bakura, pegasus, ishizu, alexis, aster and crowler
And mako lvl 40
I don't know if I forgot a character but I think you can get it to this characters only
10days ago
Mako Tsunami gets Balance at level 20.
10days ago
Keep trying because the Pharaoh always taught me, I’ll fight til the end.

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10days ago



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It is so cute!
They should make an alternate version of GX where Aster is the main character instead. He would c...
If you're not using Treacherous Trap Hole then Divine Wrath or Ultimate Providence are prett...
to fusion summon twin headed thunder dragon and have gravekeepers vassal gain another 2800atk wit...
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