Is Masked Hero Dian's effect bugged?

Everytime I kill a monster with Dian, it will not let me summon a hero from my deck. I know that I still had heroes there. Why is this happening? Do I have to activate the effect manually by clicking on him after I attack? It never asks me if I want to use the effect.


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Blazeman. I think that was it. I was so busy worrying about his element changing effect that I forgot about THAT one. Thanks!
maybe you used e-hero blazeman's effect, it won't let you special summon monsters
I tried it again. (And I have only used it against LDs in pve.) First time, they set a monster and when I killed it, no effect. Then when they set a monster again the next turn and I killed it, it finally asked if I wanted to activate the effect. I don't understand what changed. I didn't do anything different.
does this happen all the time, or just in a particular situation? i don't think dian can miss timing but there are things that can prevent its effect from activation even when the reqirement is met.the text specifically states "destroys a monster and sends it to the graveyard" meaning that if the destroyed monster is banished dian's effect won't go off (ex: canadia or a self-summoned vamp.retainer). also dian needs to be on the field for the effect to go off so if you destroy a man-eater bug with dian, it will in return destroy dian which will prevent its effect from being activated.(other examples: d.d asilant, wind up juggler, snowman eater ...)
you probably miss timing

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I hope the Skill lottery will somehow give more characters access to Balance, LP Boost Alpha, and...
They'll have to do quite a big revamp on this card's effect, bigger than what they did ...
Just imagine the situation where you're at Gold 7 and you're going to rank up, you want...
PRO: -draw 2 cards -continuous card which means you can use its effect multiple times CONS: ...
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