Is there a way to mute your opponent's BM's?

On occasions I encounter rude obnoxious players. who just love to troll. It's pretty disruptive and annoying.


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Let's not forget about Jaydens "Gulp!" two of those consecutively also rather funny
yeah, you can disable the taunts in options during a duel. i disabled them because i got a player spamming the "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" taunt when he was losing until he ran out of time

and to the anonymous in the comments who wrote this
"dragging finishing moves out by using more cards and attacking you with more than than enough to kill you just to savor their victory"

i do that, sorry, if you don't want me just surrender... its not to savor the victory, if you give me the chance i will get more points to the end results and see if i can get one more chest
The only time I use the "taunts" is whenever i encounter a person who either goes AFK or their connection goes bad. I use Chazz "will you hurry up"
One time when I summoned amazoness princess, my opponent made Zane say, "No! I don't want to lose!" XD The taunts can be funny in some situations.
"Because Yusei saying "I'll have some milk" in the middle of a duel is just too funny to pass up."
Some character's comments like Mako's: "how dare you eat my fish" are meant to be funny and in no way an insult. People who use them are just trying to lighten the mood. But other chars have comments which are intended to be insults. People using them are in no way trying to be "friendly".
idk people rarely do them to me
I will admit to spamming 1 of the taunts. Because Yusei saying "I'll have some milk" in the middle of a duel is just too funny to pass up. So if you had someone spamming that who had a Blue Eyes deck on Yusei, that was probably me and I am not sorry at all for it
I agree about the rude, obnoxious players in the game. I just want to enjoy a game, not deal with a bunch of immature fking kids who think that calling out insults is cool or fun. But it is an unfortunate fact that many kids do play this game, so this is what you gotta deal with.
You can turn off the voices or turn down the volume all the way if taunts are the problem. As for other pvp trolling: players waiting until their timer runs out to spite you by making you wait longer when they know that they are going to lose, sarcastic use of the "Nice!" feature after you have lost easily, dragging finishing moves out by using more cards and attacking you with more than than enough to kill you just to savor their victory, I don't know what you can do about those things.

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Not entirely true. There is some pretty good support. The main issue is that to many people are s...
Here's the other silly thread about milk and link
Not really. They just have to delete the "4+" and the "5+" effect
Most of those 99 tickets are likely a bunch of the N tickets from login rewards that are complete...
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