My Gem count is NaN???

So weird thing happened today. I clicked on the fountain and it did the rainbow thing but it gave me 0 gems I think. There wasn't any number next to the image so I'm assuming 0 anyway. But now my gem count says NaN and every purchase option is greyed out. I had over 8,000 gems. Contacted Konami over a week ago about and still no fix or response other than automated ones. Any help?


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30days ago
hes using a modded game
30days ago
OP died
30days ago
OP you there???
31days ago
Just to add also it's very likely the gem value you gotten from the fountain was the cause. Are you using a modded version of the game or trying to cheat in any way?
31days ago
Try redownloading update data. Sounds like data corruption to me since NaN means Not a Number. The only other issue you have is that Konami (unless they log it) wont have access to the original gem count value since it's been NaN'd already. Not much you can do yourself really NaN is a bitch to debug after it's already happened
post a screen shot

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