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I remember there was a dragon type card which was part of the Lightsworn archetype, it was pretty op ! I wonder if it's released.
Judgement dragon? Hell no it won't be available
<< Anonymous
why not dude?
<< Anonymous
"it was pretty op"

isn't that clear enough

seriously, it's a 3k ATK monster that nuke everything except itself and still can attack afterwards, no way we'll ever get it in a 4k LP environment
<< Anonymous
How you phrase things can matter. That description applies to cards like Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus and Steelswarm Hercules, too. ;p

Granted, JD is too easy to use to be acceptable here. But still, just "3k nuke that can attack after" is a terrible argument.
"Judgement dragon? Hell no it won't be available"

And then we get 3 copies immediately due to it being released in a main box lol


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I activate my Cash Shed. Goodbye, Trunade.
the meta to end all metas
Probably replacing the slow pieces; merchant, mimic and trance, for faster ones; lumina, charge, ...
Exactly, I tried to find a reason to justify that waste by using some black luster support cards ...
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