PvP Best decks [20 Mar Updated]

hey! i have some gems and want to do a new deck, should i try spellbook or fur hire? what is the most powerfull on pvp? i already have amazoness, masked hero decks.
if you have amazoness just wait a month for the next box..... Spellbook & Fur Hire are equally good imho
Ehh bro. Another monkey see monkey do? Come on u guys can do better than that.
<< Anonymous(Rebel)
Spellbook is better than fur hire
Keep your gems for the next month box / event with Zane (Maybe you will need some gems to complete a cyber dragon deck) Fur hire too popular, it's boring to make mirror match. Spellbook is just boring. If you just want to win often take it, if you want to enjoy, just wait, don't spend your gem now
<< Anonymous(Rebel)
What's in the next box? related to amazoness.
<< Anonymous
Next booster box will be twilight sworn and bls support trust me my uncle works at K0NamI
He do sounds like a ten year old wanting the "most powerful" .... Grow up kid. We have enough nerds in this game.
Fur hire is more allround so it might last longer in the meta than spellbook.

But pick whichever is more your taste.

Both work.
I think fur hire is better than spellbook (non silent magician build) like 60 40 but personally I like playing spellbooks A LOT more it takes longer to get the hang of but there are so many plays u can make with spellbooks and its one of the most resilient decks to disruption we’ve gotten



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Cause I think he would show more of the Neos and Neo-Spacian cards yet to be shown in Duel Links....
Has to be targeted by a card effect to use it's effect. Most players who can read won'...
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