Aromage Synchro: deck recipe [Apr 2020]

What if i dont have red rose dragon and armades?
Then use whatever lv 5-7 synchros that can be used, like lightning warrior.
If not, then just use 3 aromaseraphies, and if you have it, ancient fairy dragon.
<< Anonymous
You can also go -1 Naturia Rosewhip and +1 Sunny Pixie.

Sunny Pixie is not a Plant, but she works well with Aromages, plus she opens up access to Ancient Sacred Wyvern, as ASW needs a LIGHT Tuner.
<< Anonymous
Or Junk Synchron, not a plant but does wonders alongside Aromage Jasmine and Akiza's ability
<< Anonymous
Junk Synchron's only drawback is that you pretty much are locked into using Akiza with the Dark Verger skill, as that's the only way to make Junk Synchron useful in Aromage deck.
I don’t use armades, but if you are wanting to get a black rose easily use akiza’s mark of the dragon foot skill and it’ll add a copy plant and black rose dragon to your deck


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Limit cards by their status as P2W.
We want these boys back, the meta is ready
How about sinister yorishiro?
Because Witchcrafters and Floodgate can easily counter Superheavy Samurais.
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