Structure Deck EX: The White Dragon of Legend

Honest Abe
Amazoness onslaught was the real MVP to deal with Waifu magician, I hope they bring a couple of F2P decks as well in the future. If they give us too much gems to buy mid-expensive decks, maybe only a few will get those decks?. Most of people are kinda lazy, careless or just have no idea about farming; I've even read from some folks "Espa Roba's event is not worthy"... go figure, I've already got 2000 gems there.
It's nearly impossible to get this amount of gems from the event alone, about 900 gems come from the cumulative rewards and 35 gems as daily bonus but it's impossible to get 1k gems from the drop rewards in 3 days so plz stop spreading false info!
50 per day, it's easy to win so I get 5/10 gems by the treasure box each time in only 10 minute
I've got 1500 and I haven't even played all day. 2000 is doable.

This Espa Roba event is godsend.
<< Anonymous(Vacci)
My bad it's actually 50 but you guys forgot about the PvP cumulative victories rewards (300 gems) + characters level up rewards and daily login bonus, it's impossible to get 900 gems only from boxes , you need an equivalent of 45 boxes with 20 gems which is nearly impossible to obtain in 3 days.
<< Anonymous
I gathered 2k gems since the beginning of the event, I play like 6 hours dialy and my luck with boxes is okay to good but 600 gems of my 2k came from other sources ( pvp rewards, level up rewards and daily login bonus).

I already farmed enough decks for my ultimate vampire deck with 3 Gozukis ^^
Adrian Broner xD
dude, I've farmed like a total madman... but afraid I won't be able to continue because I'm very, very newbie to INZEKTORS. hehe well, that was a bit off topic but anyway, just as op said Waifu magician was never an overpowered card, not even since her release.
Most of meta decks are not really expensive bro.
This game has never been expensive anyway.
the other day i saw some video posted here, the guy built a expensive deck just with gems, it's pretty much possible since i built geargia that way
I laugh very hard when some idiots claim this game is pay-to-win, are they retards or just self-delusional. The meta has been full of F2P decks for at least 5-6 months.
<< Anonymous(Actually)
Anonymous No. 2
It's not about any one deck (apart from, maybe Dark World and Monarch, but even then it's debatable) being too expensive. It's about how building a multitude of decks consumes requires too many packs/gems. You either end up limiting the number or type of decks you build, or you have to resort to spending real money as well to keep up with the meta.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
Anonymous No. 2
If you haven't yet, you will in the future - trust me. F2P gem sources exhaust or become insufficient after a year or so, once it stops overflowing gems from character level ups, and you end up relying on event rewards and PvP rewards only.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
If I were you, I wouldn't mind ignoring "that" anon. You see, he's a clear example of a COMMERCIAL ZOMBIE in this site.

1) Talks about zombies
2) Post meme pics about zombies
3) Repeats his own posts like a zombie
4) Repeats his comments like a zombie.
5) Repeats his own comments on his own posts and thinks no one notices it.
6) Ignores opinions like a zombie.
7) Probably looks like a zombie IRL.
why do you guys trigger so easily, hmm? it really makes me wonder if in fact there's some kind of "boycott" attempt here, since some weirdos keep calling the company greedy (when they actually give away gems in all their events).
Boycott is more than evident



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