Solemn Odion Roaming Event [August 2019 Updated]

Aesir Cookies
It's depressing that this can actually fully disable Odion's Lv 40 event deck....
Can i see your deck?
<< Anonymous(Heuningkai)
Aesir Cookies
It's literally just a deck of some bulky cards and a bunch of trap killers or nullifiers
<< Anonymous(Aesir Cookies)
Aesir Cookies
If you attack with a card using White Veil it will return all his trap monsters to the trap zone, but if you 🔥 one of the Paleozoics it will allow you to destroy all the traps on his field, so that's always fun!
....that's not a farming deck.

Although, you never said anything about farming, so I guess it's an interesting deck to have some fun beating Odion XD


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How did you summon them? By the effect of a battlin boxer card? Maybe said effect locks you to on...
You are fired!
You're seriously underestimating it, lol
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