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Don't fall for the hype behind this card. It's goddamn awful. There's a reason this card has always been vendor trash in the RL game. It's a winmoar card that's guaranteed to 🔥 over you multiple times and only works with already decent hands.
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Well, someone is feeln' salty...
I personally think that this card really isn't that bad if used properly unfortunately however most players are inexperienced and will just up over extending with this card
Daemon Blitzkrieg
It isn't a bad card, not even close. Underappreciated? Very much so.
I can feel the salt from here.

I don't know what this guy is talking about, but this is an awesome card.
Why do people keep bringing up the real life game as if that's relevant? This app is so different from the real life game that it's not even funny.
@anonymous it is similar to the irl game except life points and deck capacity are halved, and the exclusion of xyz,synchros and pendulums and no main phase 2,other than those it's fairly similar just a different meta environment
@Edgar81539 it's bad if not used properly however more than not your opponent will probably end up crashing their monster(s)into a mirror wall,4 star ladybug or some other kind of trap
Hey Edgar I responded to you 🔥ing me on the dragonic knight page so why the lack of a response? Or have you finally realised that not everyone is a competitive asshole like you?I know this is hard for someone of your intelligence to grasp but not everyone is aware of every single ruling available in fact most people probably aren't even aware of their existence
While edgar's comments were somewhat negative, your comments to keep harassing him has been a problem. Previous negative posts have been deleted because I was unaware of it at the time, but further posts about 🔥s toward others will be deleted. Let's move past it guys.
whilst I don't agree with all of your statement it would appear as though Edgar is unable to provide a response,however I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he has learned a lesson about treating less skilled/knowledgeable players with more respect since we don't need that kind of basement nerd community, this is duel links after all not all duelling network/ygopro
Well, for one I don't spend my entire day into this page ;)
Nor do I,however since neither of us have no knowledge of each other then I will consider this conversation over.
Your comment always contrast to my thought lol. Nah in RL 8000lp game, you often than not cant OTK with double attack that's why you know. And there're plenty of special summon mechanic as someone says here so who bother with dsummon. In duellinks every time I use this I'm guarantee win-yes with proper use
This card worked when the game is slow enough, this card worked in decks that require normal summon to gain advantage. Heck, this card used to be used in Madolche some years ago.
No, it's not trash in current Duel link. But I probably wont get this because gem reason.
how in the hell is this awful? automatic summon 5-6 star monster or 2 level 4 below :V

cant destroy level 5 with the lady bug

assume that the enemy has trap then put yo own trap :v

<< Anonymous(Kuju)
Arrivalrivals is usually better, though (since you can attack first, then perform the tribute summon with monster(s) that have already attacked), and it's normal rare from a minibox.
theres no awful card, only awful user ..
This card might be better when synchro/xyz/link comes since this card is like a poorman's brilliant fusion engine in tcg
<< Anonymous
You don't need double summon to perform synchro
<< Anonymous(Vagrant)
<< Anonymous
your mom
you forgot the field, we can only control 3 monsters. That plus the fact that the deck capacity ( an defining factor ) is halved means that it's not the same game ( as in they will not have the same meta )


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when varis comes, we will have a good generic link 3 at last
Why can they activate the trap in the same turn?
Not like they had plans for it to be meta to begin with
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