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the new double fusion deck, i change 2x twin headed thunder dragon with 2x b.skull dragon
Cool deck, been trying to test this but can't get Balance to save my life. Would you consider testing Escape from the Dark Dimension with this? The prospect of using Fusion Gate to banish Red Eyes/Summoned Skull and then re-summon them alongside their fusion monster seems powerful, wondering how useful/situational it is.
it will work with dark dimension but customizing the deck would be hard to do the only possible thing is to remove blue dragon summoner or just make a 30 card deck
you need to exchange blue dragon summoner with the diskblade rider to banish the red eyes/summoed skull
its not gonna work i tried it the diskblader can only banish trap cards , its a shame i thought it can banish monster only the atmosphere can banish a monster in the grave yard
Balance wont works in this deck because you need to have 10 monsters and 10 spell/trap cards.
@anon: balance just resembles the balance of cards you have in your deck into your hand

He has 5 spell cards (2+3) and a 20 card deck -> 5/20 -> 1/4 which means even in your starting hand (4 cards) you will have poly or fusion g. (4 x 1/4 = 1)
How come u always have every card 3 times?
It's powerful. But dead draws are a lot more common, because only 1 thunder dragon needs to be drawn get a Twin Thunder dragon whereas your deck needs more.
<< Anonymous(casantos)
yeah, it'll be great to reuse a Graveyard Dark Monster (B. Skull Dragon), remove it from play using Bazoo or Skull lair, then summon it again using Escape from the Dark Dimension.

In the link below, I used a similar variant with Double Dragon Fusion using Chaos Zone + Skull Lair + Magical Merchant;



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That is, when giant kozaky is in here...
Can't find this card in card trader. What happen?
Read more carefully. It says your extra deck BECOMES goyo guardian.
that animation are cool but creepy too
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