Aster Phoenix

Anyone else finding D heroes extremely underwhelming, I mean plasma is an alright ultra rare monster, but the rest of the cards seem to only be good for swarming the field with other D heroes to tribute him and the supports aren't great either, no clocktower or D force cards to make spell combos.
ya e-heroes and d-heroes are ass right now. they'll probably get more support soon, maybe konami will actually give jaden/aster a viable skill to support their archetypes, but that's probably just wishful thinking
<< Anonymous
Yeah, but at least E heroes have fusion supports, the the only e hero really being hung out to dry right now is Neos with no fusion cards, hopefully they'll add some more cards in the next booster box, since the amount of cards needed to make these deck useable exceeds the limit in a mini box
<< Anonymous
The current E hero fusions aren't good enough to make them viable though. The only decent one is Thunder Giant iirc
<< Anonymous
flame wingman pretty good if you get him out early enough you can get a fast effect damage win, but yeah, no phoenix enforcer, not even the elemental hero blade edge who was his jadens key card early season
<< Anonymous
agree totally, no good fusion supports for elemental nor destiny HERO cards. if u disagree... your a morron.



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This is what I use for farming Aster. I'm too lazy to explain it so, I will make it short. ...
Got prismatic stardust.
:°) yeah!
Fucking bullshit that he gets the shit he has while we don't get the crap of the cards he�...
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