Vanilla Harpies' Hunting Ground: deck recipe

its just me? why i cant add 2 or 3 "harpie lady with "harpie lady 2" and "harpie lady 3" in 1 dack
When it says "this card's name is treated as Harpie Lady" It means that. so the same way you can only have 3 copies of a single card you can also only have 3 copies of Harpy Lady. Which because Harpy Lady 2 and 3 are still technically named Harpy Lady, they all share those same 3 slots.
The official TCG does not go by this ruling but apparently Duel Links counts the effect in Deck construction
The official TCG goes by this ruling too
Harpie lady 2 and 3 are classed as regular harpie lady even in the deck build :)
So ur telling me that even tho blu eyes or dark magician cards look different, I couldn't have 6, just max 3 of 1? Gotcha
They need to fix that. Because Harpie lady 2 & 3 should only apply when they are playing in a duel since their effect are meant to be in duel not out.
Nope, Harpie Lady 1, 2 & 3 AND vanilla harpie had always been considered as the same name so the same slot in deck building. They don't need to fix anything.
<< Anonymous(FreaqqShow)
no it doesn't, if so you couldnt have a cyber dragon deck, or blue eyes white dragon deck
Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2 and Harpie Lady 3 are always considered 'Harpie Lady' even outside of duels. There are other Harpie cards that have a similar effect. Harpie Queen and I think also Harpie Channeler are only considered Harpie Lady while on the field or Graveyard, like Gemini monsters.
<< Anonymous
There is a work around you may add 3 Harpie queen along with your three Harpie monsters as Harpie Queen is only treated as Harpie Lady in the field and graveyard not the deck like Harpie Lady/ Harpie 1 2 3 and Cyber whom are considered Harpie Lady in deck field and graveyard


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Uhm you just repeated what anon 1 and 3 said.
It's not a quick effect, in case you mean you want to disrupt your opponent during their turn
We're actually talking about tournament not just in game PVP.
'there's no' + 'can't be' + 'without' got me confused as ...
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