Vanilla Harpies' Hunting Ground: deck recipe

its just me? why i cant add 2 or 3 "harpie lady with "harpie lady 2" and "harpie lady 3" in 1 dack
When it says "this card's name is treated as Harpie Lady" It means that. so the same way you can only have 3 copies of a single card you can also only have 3 copies of Harpy Lady. Which because Harpy Lady 2 and 3 are still technically named Harpy Lady, they all share those same 3 slots.
The official TCG does not go by this ruling but apparently Duel Links counts the effect in Deck construction
The official TCG goes by this ruling too
Harpie lady 2 and 3 are classed as regular harpie lady even in the deck build :)
So ur telling me that even tho blu eyes or dark magician cards look different, I couldn't have 6, just max 3 of 1? Gotcha
They need to fix that. Because Harpie lady 2 & 3 should only apply when they are playing in a duel since their effect are meant to be in duel not out.
Nope, Harpie Lady 1, 2 & 3 AND vanilla harpie had always been considered as the same name so the same slot in deck building. They don't need to fix anything.
<< Anonymous(FreaqqShow)
no it doesn't, if so you couldnt have a cyber dragon deck, or blue eyes white dragon deck
Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady 1, Harpie Lady 2 and Harpie Lady 3 are always considered 'Harpie Lady' even outside of duels. There are other Harpie cards that have a similar effect. Harpie Queen and I think also Harpie Channeler are only considered Harpie Lady while on the field or Graveyard, like Gemini monsters.
<< Anonymous
There is a work around you may add 3 Harpie queen along with your three Harpie monsters as Harpie Queen is only treated as Harpie Lady in the field and graveyard not the deck like Harpie Lady/ Harpie 1 2 3 and Cyber whom are considered Harpie Lady in deck field and graveyard


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most Jurrac monsters actually hate being in Defense Position due to having lower DEF than ATK lol
It would fare terribly considering you don't seem to even read the cards you are putting in ...
......of course you have to direct it to attack where your opponent would be, which is behind his...
Ah Sh1t, Here We Go Again
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