Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon | Deck and Rulings

From now on duel links will discontinued actual cards and only use skill in future. Example skill name > Blue eyes wrath : add 20 set cards/deck contain blue eyes support and you can add up to 10 other cards outside your skill
Decayed Corpse
Gyahahahhaa irony it will be "Trading Skill Game" due to use skill other than a real Cards
<< Anonymous
Decayed Corpse
I choose to become idiot than play card game but can't use my favorite cards because it only use a skill
<< Anonymous(Decayed Corpse)
Too bad then, just because it’s your “favorite” card doesn’t mean it belongs in the game- broken sh*t is unhealthy
<< Anonymous
Decayed Corpse
Yes it should belongs in the game bro wow u like neo ultimate too? Then too good it our fave card gyahahahha
Lol but true
Next month konami release skill box to replace card box with same price


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Lol I run two of them in my deck
Dimensional prison wipes this card and the monster equipped to this easily but if its a ancient g...
You are an American? Better look closely at what is happening in your own country. Because it...
This card is perfect for taking down cards like obelisk since it targets your monster instead of ...
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