How to beat/farm Odion Lvl 40

Unlucky at All
After completing 58 stages, I haven't got any single " Millennium Scorpion." I got everything except it. I tried so hard but al in vain. Any advise to offer?
Same here, spent over 3k keys on him, Not a single scorpion drop, only got some of the other SR cards
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All
The annoying thing is when you see other duelists having more than 3 copies of it while you and me want at least one copy!
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Exactly. I badly need one for my no-skill farming on Joey. Have been using ALL black keys on him and never got a single scorpion drop from him..maybe we are just unlucky or Konami changed the drop rate of Scorpian
i was about to give and then got 2 of them in 1 day, try your luck 3 times in a day if u get good drops keep trying if u get garbage stop and try again later... thats how i got 2 metamorph in 1 day and 2 millenium scorpion
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All
I hope we can get our 1st copy as soon as possible!
<< Anonymous(michiru)
Unlucky at All
Thanks for the advice!
At least you got 4 GK... I got 3 Scorpion but just 1 GK.... and I HATE THIS FKING ZOMBIE, got 8 of them.
Gravekeeper guy
I need those recruiters i am ready to swap it with my millenium scotpion,those recruiters will complete my gravekeepers deck



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Wish I had more of these... I only have 1 and I love ninjas.
Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you kidding me this is really happening
It isn't hard to beat Kaiba 40
What is the Best Card to exchange in this event? thank you
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