12th Main Box: Crusaders' Battlegrounds

Attention Duelists! The f2p age has ended. It's time to rise tall, pull out your wallets and become to pay to win warriors. You can do it! I believe in you all : ]
<< Anonymous
Can't stop laughing at you
<< Anonymous
Soooo, you still want to win a card game cause you pay like "Screw the rules I have money?" Hahaha.

It's simple if you're not smart enough to play then leave the game and play something that doesn't need thinking!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Right! You better play HS where P2W = EZ Win
<< Anonymous
No, HS is "better RNG wins", a game created by the idiot fat-tard sionist bastard BEN BRODE, that now resigned from blizzard like any american coward-style Trump
Your luck is that you dont need to post your name. Im f2p and I got kog by 10 seasons in a row. If youre not skilled enough to play this game go play HS ;3
<< Anonymous(EZ)
What in gods name was that incoherent babble about



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Synchros will finally meta! A MUST BUY!!!
The recent event did bring them back.
Hi @ all, I'm An aktive player and I will send vagabond back with 3 monster challenge and I&...
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