Geargia: deck recipe [Oct 2020]

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The deck isn't bad, It's pretty much a loss to koaki unless you open ties on a turn 1 / they brick. Either way it is an uphill battle. Treach destroys this deck more than any other but I have won through that a couple times. If you are smart you can pull off a 75% winrate against ladder plebs. Just don't be disheartened by the losses, believe in the deck! I got kog with it in 40 or so wins. This was my final decklist...
Myth Buster
A comment on the backrow choices:

Offerings to the doomed is very much necessary in this current meta, both due to the fact that you want to put some of your geargia's face down to destroy if they are attacked (srh inferior) and you want active destruction on your opponents turn.
Myth Buster
I also teched in needle ceiling for more active destruction instead of the 3rd canadia and the spell absorbing life.

I found this deck's worse nightmare is an opponent with a swarming deck. It struggles against those decks heavily and thus having the ability to destroy multiple monsters on your opponents field is much more valuable than the rare chance of hitting a 2nd ties from a spell absorb.
this deck is fake, because you run 3 copy of mask heroes anki with no mask change or any hero monsters
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Nice meme Ladd. The anki is in there just to bluff extra for whatever situation that is useful... Which it is a lot.
<< Anonymous(Myth Buster)
I don't think anyone would take a 3-card Extra Deck seriously. If you were actually using it, you'd have 5.

Incidentally, there is really no excuse for ANYONE not have 5 cards in their Extra Deck now that Synchros exist. It's not hard to bluff that you could potentially be running a Tuner, making cards like Armades and Stardust potential threats even if you yourself know you can't Summon them.
<< Anonymous
Myth Buster
Heroes use a 3 card extra deck. My skill is balance. I disagree with what you are saying but thanks for the input.
3 cards in Extra Deck is a good bluff. Many Hero players run only 3 cards in their extra deck


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