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Perfect for Aromage! I use Sunny Pixie. You gain LP ❤
Lovely Aster
I am hoping that I pull this card. I already redid my aromage deck to include ancient fairy dragon last night.
It is. Too bad aromage is 🔥
<< Anonymous
Not really, Aromage is still one of the best F2P deck for beginners and players who haven't play DL for a long time.
<< Anonymous
So? It's still a 🔥ty deck, buddy.

There's a handful of better decks than aromage for f2p. And it's still 🔥 because no support.

A guide dog is one of the best things for 🔥 people, but it's still a 🔥ty overall navigation method in the real world.
<< Anonymous
There are lots of support. Any Plant support works for Aromage. Any LP healing cards works for Aromage. Just because it doesn't have "Aroma" in its name doesn't mean it's not a support for the deck.

Heck, two of the cards we don't have yet in DL, Healing Winds and Dried Winds, are directly Aromage support cards (as in, mentioned "Aromage" in their text) despite their name.
<< Anonymous
It's also a CHEAP deck, which is important for F2P or players who just played for like, one month.


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I forgot why I created the comment above, but I was probably being stupid, or saw some card that ...
Axel sux u @@@ing idiot
I miss this deck can someone revisit
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