Chaotic Compliance

Am I just stupid or is the new quiz with Darkstorm Dragon impossible? It seems to me like they forgot that if Symbols of Duty goes poof, so does Darkstorm Dragon, preventing you from attacking the now-500 Gemini Soldier for that 2200 damage you need.
I was dumb too. Use the trap effect on Gemini Sokdier. I didnt see it either...
Never even realized the second effect can work on the opponent as well. Guess I was too fixated on the first effect only working on you, making me assume it's the same thing for the second :P
You should use the effect of gemini booster on the gemini soldier
I accidentally discovered it worked on your opponent too haha
I thought I had screwed up (technically did), so I used the trap on her monster so that i could hurry and surrender
First Summon Goggle Golem the equip Gemini Booster on him. Then use Symbol of Duty to select Darkstorm Dragon. Use Gemini Booster on Gemini Soldier. Destroying Sword of the Soul-Eater (because Gemini Soldier isn't a normal monster anymore). Then attack Gemini Soldier FTW ✌



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You could use the kuriboh ticket
Johnny steps?! What about John Claud Magnum or the Hair Guy!!!
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