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I can't activate the special summon effect. I have Beast of Serket on the field, last turn no monster cards in my hand but 1 fusion in my deck. Do you need a monster card in your deck/hand to activate the card?
Or do you need a free monster space?
Yep. One in your main deck.
seems like it's a bug, because there is no said that you MUST have monster in deck or hand for special summon a Fusion from is clear said "...Or a Fusion Monster"
this bug destroy many times my combo
<< Anonymous
Yes, I just lost because of this bug.

ToK was the last card I had to draw, so when I drew it, I had no cards in my deck (I had the Vassal on the field already). I activate ToK, summon Serket, and cannot use the effect of ToK to summon BEUD. I lost because of deck out. -_-
just lost because of this bug as well. had vassal on the field and serket was the last mon I tributed for BEUD and got a message that there was no monster to special summon even though I had BEUD in my extra deck. fk this bug
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg
Maybe its a bug for a few because I accidentally didn't summon my Fusion before Vassal once, my last monster, but it still let me summon OZ/BEUD even though I had no other monsters, in deck or hand.

So, maybe it was luck that it let me (although it shouldn't be, not in the least), but why would you wait for the last turn to summon your Fusion anyway? :/
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
This is a bug in the new 1.7 update. It'll probably be fixed in the upcoming maintenance since a lot of people have already discovered it.
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg
How were ya'll playing 1.7 and the app just said to update? ... some auto-update, but I'm glad it didn't & now pissed folk can't use Serket for a while. My last duel right before maintenance was lv 30 Mokuba and I actually ended the duel just b4 midnight (won~). This morning however, they made me reduel the whole thing & Serket was being a badly glitched boi. D: F'ing hell.
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
The exact same thing happened to me omg, like i finished possibly right at the reset and the game went into maintenance and when i logged in the next day I had to redo the whole duel with a glitched temple, so annoying.
I’m new to this thread don’t know how long it’s been here but, with my experience with TOK and mystical beast serket, You need a fusion card that doesn’t say it requires it to be fusion summoned. Like BEUD, As of the newest patch in June 2018 Konami fixed the bug. You can summon beud by activating temple of kings and sending mystical beast of serket to the graveyard.
<< Anonymous(Youngblood9472)
I think this has been here for more than a month. If there isn't a time period next to the poster's name (like "latest", "X hours ago", or "X days ago"), then it is probably older than 30 days.


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I activate my Cash Shed. Goodbye, Trunade.
the meta to end all metas
Probably replacing the slow pieces; merchant, mimic and trance, for faster ones; lumina, charge, ...
Exactly, I tried to find a reason to justify that waste by using some black luster support cards ...
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