Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

Mah boi
Seems like it will be a PvP were you will be forced to play cards that are actually used by the character you're controlling in the anime or manga. For example: you must make a Blue-Eyes deck for Kaiba, or a Toon or Relinquished deck for Pegasus.
Sounds like its going to be pretty fun!
And then Mai will dominate the event because she uses amazoness lol
<< Anonymous
Mai and Aster (if he is allowed to use masked hero Anki, too. Xd), the queen and king of special duels.



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Oh yes? Well legit couple months before Konami made this card easy af to get. I USED MY DREAM TIX...
Six Sams do not need this card to be tiered... There are a lot of other good protection cards
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