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I keep getting a glitch where my Overwhelm won't trigger when I have a lvl 7 face up that I tribute summoned. Any idea why?
I have same problem
Its tribute summoned. maybe your lvl 7 monster is not tribute summoned it can be SPECIAL summoned (from grave,etc) you must perform normal tribute summoned a monster, not SPECIAL summoned it. hope it help
I had the same problem but I figured it out. It usually don't work with some effect monsters, that's because the card only negates the ACTIVATION of an Effect Monster Effect; but some effects are not activated they are inherent to the card. My example: BEWD tribute summoned attacking a Cat Ears Tribe; Overwhelm didn't trigger because Cat's effect is not activated and I was screwed
it didn't work when I had kazejin (tribute summoned via stray lambs). Couldnt stop opponent's michizure, and got screwed
<< Anonymous(Flavio)
That's tribute 'SET'
I have that problem I used the spell tribute doll and I couldn't negate relinquished I'm pretty depressed
<< Anonymous
Tribute Doll specifically says it's a special summon... Learn to read my man.
<< Anonymous(Flavio)
you need to set first your overwhelm and wait for your opponents turn before it can be activate, and make sure that you already switch your kazejin into face up attack pos. hopes this help
It must face up and tributed before
kaiba corp
i tribute summoned bew with a kaiba man which the card still states is a tribure summon and overwhelm was on the feild for 2 turns and wouldnt activate when i was attacked with a monster whos effect was if it attacks a monster in defence to destroy that monster with no battle damage so the guy used enemy controller switched my bew to defence and destroyed it all while i was helpless to activate ov
<< Anonymous(kaiba corp)
Mokuba teaches bro
Then, BEWD was summoned through Special Summon. Kaibaman effect: you tribute him (think like an Econ take or a Ritual Summon) to SPECIAL SUMMON a BEWD. That is different from a Tribute Summon


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That deck was horribly gimmicky and there are tons of better Xyz strategies. Even Duel Links has ...
works just like TTH destroys without target
ah sorry i didnt follow event before
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