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Quick Question Guys - What is the Total Number of Skills a Duelist Can have? Reason for asking is For Bastion I currently have 10 (Draw Sense + Field Spells for Earth, Fire Water Wind, Dark which is 10 Total) - I want to try to make him learn Light as well but if that goes over 10 - will i be able to or is 10 the most I can have? (Also same applies for Other duellists as well - both DM and GX) Thanks in advance
My ParaDox already have 11 different skills and is no problem. I think the number of skills is unlimited.
skills caps is 13.
<< Anonymous(kry)
Isn't the capacity unlimited?
<< Anonymous(Torrie)
The limit is less about a raw number of skills and more about which skills they can learn, which seems to be 13 specific skills. My Paradox Bros, for example, hit that number a long time ago, and it's limited to all the skills listed here:
<< Anonymous
Now I see.. Thanks.
I have 13 skills on Paradox Brothers



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