Aster Phoenix

Zane lover
this is crime for me! ):
I liked it better when he said Destructive Guy instead for Dangerous. And I don't know why Jesse calls Crystal Conclave, "Crystal Gathering".
<< Anonymous(Unknow)
Zane lover
But i will just say your mother in her pussy OK are you glad now?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
The Japanese name for Crystal Conclave can be translated as "Crystal Gathering".

Basically it's the "Destructiveguy" issue all over again.
<< Anonymous
And if they give us Crystal Conclave, watch Jesse's lines change to just, "My trap activates!"



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Yes, it can negate all Continuous Effects for the rest of the turn after its use, if they doesn&#...
the skill is playable.. just sucks and is only used with trudges signature monster
These kind of skills work better when it's harder to draw the card you want. I've seen ...
Samus?... are you Samus?
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