Aster Phoenix

Zane lover
this is crime for me! ):
I liked it better when he said Destructive Guy instead for Dangerous. And I don't know why Jesse calls Crystal Conclave, "Crystal Gathering".
<< Anonymous(Unknow)
Zane lover
But i will just say your mother in her pussy OK are you glad now?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anoymous 27days ago
The Japanese name for Crystal Conclave can be translated as "Crystal Gathering".

Basically it's the "Destructiveguy" issue all over again.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 27days ago
And if they give us Crystal Conclave, watch Jesse's lines change to just, "My trap activates!"



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Settle down, kid.
Jinzo is next to useless against Spellbooks though...
I guess you didn't read my comment properly. I didn't said nowhere that he will banish ...
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