PvP Best decks [22 January Updated]

You guys wont believe your eyes if you watch this video. This Chinese player reached KoG in the 1st day of the season (yesterday) with F2P Triamids!! Really impressive, hope you enjoy the replays.
The deck can stop traps and monster effects and just keep replacing field spells and getting more monsters out of their deck. Maybe it doesn't always start out so fast. But its also not exactly some amazing feat for this annoying thing to get KOG. Negating everything and destroying things at the same time seems to be the new norm for the new meta decks now.
It's pretty easy to describe what this deck does, everyone can do such thing. Reaching king of games in day one with a deck that doesn't have any UR in it is quite a merit. This deck doesn't rely in cheap tactics like burning your HP or special summoning 3 monsters asap, it's very healthy for the game. The devs are rewarding skills and brainy plays.
just saying ok?
This little post disrupts all false accusation against Duel Links. The game is not pay to win.
<< Anonymous
Who cares whether is has any UR in it? f2p isn't some new thing like you seem to think everyone else believes. It's not some big achievement to get kog with this deck when it holds your hand through everything with preventing a ton of effects and replacing the field spell all the time.
Triamids are awesome, and we haven't even got Triamid Sphinx yet.
KoG day 1 ???? this is insane!, this is madness !!!! holy crap dude, amazing deck
<< Anonymous(just saying ok?)
There are many videos like this one actually. People KoG(ing) early with decks that require only gems is something very popular in YouTube
<< Anonymous
Sphinx will 🔥 the meta so fast and hard it'll trigger a geological event, im getting three of every triamid card to be on the safe side, because when Sphinx comes out... My God... I can hear the pay to wins crying in fear. It will definitely go tier 1
<< Anonymous(Whalordius)
to guy above
Good for you. There are some of us who don't want to be safe, there's no such thing as "safety", "harmony" and "peace" in this poorly made world.
<< Anonymous(to guy above)
this deck can make it to Kog in DAY 1. Where is the so called expensive game?
easy kog, triamids are really OP, not surprised why they made it to kog so early
Probably the best deck right now, very competitive and fun to play. gotta love all big brain decks
<< Anonymous
kog day 1
This is one of the most big brain decks I've seen so far and it's quite easy to build. I'm trying Crystrons as well with just 2 Fulfefnir and it claps as well, love its complexity.
<< Anonymous
I never saw this channel before, this guy is definitely good.
I really like when they add big brain decks that can be built with gems alone, just like this one.
OP is really a good deck builder
How do u know the OP is the one who plays in the video?
<< Anonymous(Nate)
The best f2p deck.
Just in case people don't know how strong Triamids are.


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It's not hard if your deck is pure Psyshic deck. Keeper Of The Dragons should add or Gold Sa...
What a cool card
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