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For lvl 57 autoduel deck, use the fusion deck as it can reach up to 4k assessment. It needs a Balance skill for this deck to work and has 95% winrate. :)
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Extra Deck: 1 Master of Oz, 1 Meteor B. Dragon, 1 B. Skull Dragon, 2 Twin Headed Thunder Dragon
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Decklist: 3 Thunder Dragon, 2 Blue Dragon Summoner, 2 Des Kangaroo, 4 Fusion Substitutes (your choice), 2 Red Eyes B. Draagon, 1 Summoned Skull, 1 Meteor Dragon, 1 Fusion Gate, 1 Fusion Sage, 3 Polymerization
Unlucky at All
Nice deck, bro!
The issue with fusion auto duel decks is that the AI wont use a fusion summon first turn and may drop a material monster on the field for a chump block instead.
would it work on 51 standard duelists?
<< Anonymous
If it's only a first turn problem you can just play Polymerisation then click Auto...
i was using almost same deck, heart of the underdog would be nice add, since u want to run fast on your deck, i got another copy of meteor b dragon (f2p as well), and replace the kangaroos with another summon skull, and third red eyes, more consistent.


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This deck is still a monster. I'm surprised it's barely used anymore. Everyone seems to...
this card is fine, your the one overreacting , what were u thinking?? just cause u got your ass W...
Im simple. Whe i see Toon Kindom, i surrender already.
first of all that image does not look like photoshopped, whoever said it was is a dickweed and do...
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