How to beat/farm Reginald Kastle Lvl 40

Fast and consistent deck: 3x Berry Magician Girl 3x Crystal Seer 2x Lemon Magician Girl 1x Fortune Fairy Hikari 1x Fortune Fairy Chee 1x Gravekeeper's Vassal 3x Wonder Wand 2x Union Attack 1x Magicalized Fusion 3x Good Goblin Housekeeping 1x Quintet Magician Just summon 1 Lemon Magician Girl to stall until last turn (never pass your turn without cards in your hand) and summon Quintet Magician with 5 different spellcaster monsters to destroy all cards on Shark's field. Safe and fast deck, usually wins in 10 or less turns.
Thank you for your deck. Anyway, do you know why Apple Magician Girl could not be used to stall anymore?
<< Anonymous
Ra cloudian fairy smile more consistent. Shark will still attack lemon with needle sunfisk with trap card
<< Anonymous
Space mambo atk lemon!
I'll give this deck a go, once I have enough Reports to go for the 3x Rewards Boost.

Maybe I'll get lucky and get a Prismatic Leviathan Dragon...
<< Anonymous
Can confirm.

This deck works, but it's not foolproof.

It's advised to use an Extra Life in case he bypasses both Lemon Magician Girls, which he nearly did to me just now.

Tonight I'm hoping to unlock the Game Mat. And if RNG is good, a Prismatic (or Glossy) copy of Number 17: Leviathan Dragon...
<< Anonymous
I found running the ra cloudian fairy smile way easier than this one. I took a risk with solemn wishes instead of the bug and it’s way faster than the one above because you don’t have to click the prompt every time. The only thing is the tools of bandit he has will 🔥 it, but fairy smile will usually make up for it anyways.
<< Anonymous
@above anon
You don't run Divine Punishment? You can counter Tools of the Bandit that way, he only runs 1 Tools anyway so he can't counter your Divine Punishment with another copy.
<< Anonymous(@above anon)
Don’t need to. It’s not a problem when he counters it. Honestly, the full-proof way is using the golden bug, but I wanted to take a rush with the solemn wishes trap to make it faster since you don’t have to press the prompt every time
Gawr Gura
Shark's problematic card is actually Needle Sunfish, which he uses to ram into your girls despite knowing their summoning effects.
If he manages to fill his field with 3 monsters other than Needle Sunfish, you'll be able to farm him smoothly.
I use Gravekeeper's

3x Gravekeeper's Spy
3x Gravekeeper's Recruter
2x Gravekeeper's Nobleman
1x Gravekeeper's Vassal


2x Union Attack
1x Polymerization
3x Wonder Wand
1x Magicalized Fusion
1x Secret Pass To The Treasure


3x Good Goblin Housekeeping


1x Quintet Magician
1x Gravekeeper's Spiritualist
I switched to Yubel Montage (skill-less), now I have 9 copies of Leviathan Dragon, but none of them are Glossy or Prismatic...
<< Anonymous
This Yubel? Doing every step it says? Cause it's better to use the spell "Exile Of The Wicked" to destroy your Terror Incarcate to summon The Ultimate Nightmare after using 3 to summon Montage Dragon & using it to attack your Montage Dragon is better.
<< Anonymous
Yes, that Yubel.
Yugi 17days ago
Almost the same farm deck I use. But I use 2 mystic piper instead of 3 crystal seer. When I draw hikari, I search mystic piper and then use his effect to draw another card(or 2 if I'm lucky enough). unfortunatelly I don't have many luck and I usually already have used de 2 pipers when I draw hikari. But when this combo works it's really fast farming.
Anoymous 17days ago
Just Play yubel. 99.99% winrate


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