PvP Best decks [21 Jan Updated]

I just got 3 Anki within 40 packs for 3 resets by f2p. But 3rd Mask change actually spent me 3$ You see my friend, when someone posts porn in my favorite game page I just feel like spending and supporting ;) *epic wink*
I think they are never going to touch Anki but the deck will eventually die around 2019 due to new overpowering archetypes.
<< Anonymous(d-d-d-d-uel)
Yep, I can see that happening.
Well I think it's time to buy some packs bruh ! :) !
I think they should just DISABLE the comment section, the game is going to do fine anyway just like in the OCG YouTube channel. No big deal.
Wow that was such a great pull man !
Cool ^^
Well man thats a great pull, the deck is pretty much viable and since u didnt spend so many gems well, i think its totally worth getting.
This was posted as a response to the porn idiot lol. I guess hate is pretty much self destructive.



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I know there’s no point in using this what with Axe of Despair out there and all, but it&rs...
"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
And I honestly hate players who cannot think for themselves and need an easy win.
I doubt Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon will be in Duel Links just because you could literally sum...
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