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Abdallah Sallam
hi I'm new to this game can any one help cut 7 cards off this deck
Abdallah Sallam
i was thinking of using restart or switchrow
Wow your pic is so low res I can hardly make out some of the cards, but the ones I can make out are mostly high level monsters. You seem to depend on fusion, making several red-eyes-black-metal-dragon and tribute-doll redundant. If you are trying to summon big monsters quickly, buffing them up is equally redundant, allowing you to remove the equip cards and metalmorph.
I don't see blue eyes white dragon. how you summon ultimate dragon?
<< Anonymous
thx for reply i use equp cards for hertic dragon of nut to draw cards like red eyes and meter dragon
1 Red-eyes metal.
2 1700atk normal
1 lucky axe
1 tribute doll
1 red-eyes draw spell
1 dragon trap negator
2 meteor dragon
2 fusion sub monsters.

<< Anonymous
Nvm, your 24 cards deck look playable now.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Abdallah Sallam
thx again for reply and suggestions i have made this from your suggestions
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Abdallah Sallam
i made another copy of it
Abdallah Sallam
Thanks for all the help I was stuck at gold 1 just now got gold 2 3 wins in row
<< Anonymous(Abdallah Sallam)
Glad it worked out for u. :)



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How the fuck Devine Warth dosen't work against this card. The effect triggers when you attac...
Huge ass monster in the anime and immediatelly gets puffed by that Winged Dragon.
How many do you use or are you a fist user?
Automatically Chazz favorite card. Look how it throws the madafucka!
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