Yubel Fire King: deck recipe [Dec 2019 Updated]

Dark Bribe is now in the game. If you have a hard time with E Con and Canadia, this card is your ticket to put a halt to their counter. Use Warm Worm for extra lulz.
the problem is that you either use a deck full of traps, or do not use them at all

when you put 3 traps on the table the chance that at least one will stay much higher
Dark Bribe is not a bad tech at all, glad there is a safe way to counter canadia. Does Yubel have a line for it?
That card should be a kaiba's signature trap, not a yubel card lol
<< Anonymous
is the guy wrong anyway? have you read the manga? I remember there was a scene in which Kaiba offered Sugoroku lots of money in exchange of a card. (it was changed in the anime version), then there is another scene in which Seto is holding a gun and dealing with money


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Card trader Need change the whole card They always update on a useless card Card trader chan...
If you like this card you will like gemini summoner/basically the more attack minded card
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