Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

Zane lover
Zane...the fans still waiting you...
Jaden said that he is already here. And that was awhile ago, too. So we have no idea where Zane has been hiding out in duel world all of this time, but late July cannot come soon enough for him because he must be getting too hyper without the duels. Xd
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Zane lover
But i'm sorry,I think I posted this in Syrus event page, that's funny,Haha.
I still have to learn more about this page. :(
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
"How you talking to me"? "where you post your image"? "get out from here"? Where do you come up with these cringeworthy impersonation lines? In kindergarten?
<< Anonymous
I see that you are back to being an anon. I can't really blame someone for wanting to be me, though. Xd



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a lot of old decks are getting power crept lately. Oh well
I didn't see Divine - 1000 points! Playing any of the Divine-Beast type cards gives you a...
Not as powerful as for our Majestic Dragons if Konami allows them in the game
Because you post it loser, go back home to DLM where you came from lol
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