The Vagabond [Jul 22 Updated!]

I hate Vagabond. As ALWAYS! How can I defeat him when I only have one card in my hand in first turn, while he uses Koa'ki, huh? OTKed.
"no special summon" challenge, so I used AG (Geartown let me tribute summon the big stuff using just 1 tribute)

.....Vagabond won because he just so happen to have 1 Hallowed Life Barrier in his opening hand, and another one in his first draw, while I draw none of my backrow cleaner.

It's really stupid.
<< Anonymous
lol that was you I just wasted? lol! why come here and cry lol? don't be sad here I'll give you a nice!
<< Anonymous(Vagabond )
Gee "vagabond" (ie dumb kid pretending to be him), why don't you try winning your matches fairly instead of relying on rules which disadvantage the other player and not yourself??
Too pathetic to fight fairly? I thought so.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Another unfair treatment from Konami:

If you get a 1 star challenge, you are far more likely to brick (in other words, your draws are rigged), just because 1 star challenge is easy.

Which would have been fair, if Konami didn't also rigged Vagabond's draws in the 1 star challenge to be incredibly perfect.
<< Anonymous
Amen to that. If this guy followed his own rules, or got gimped by them instead of us, I would like this challenge better. Seriously, he always has Legend/KoG decks. This guy does not need to gimp his competition when he can just turtle up behind traps till he gets bored.


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There's a DSOD design Dark Magician playmat for 100 summons, that's the only one I know...
You cannot use Mahad as a cost
Girag 13
Will we get Ice Hand & Fire Hand or only the trash cards?
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