How to get Ojama King playmat (fast 100 times summon)

Where can i see how many summons i have done with ojama king in total? I thought that i had done over a 100 but i still dont have the mat.
You can't. And you must fusion summon it properly.
There's no way to check but to take counts yourself manually.

Btw a true gamer got this mat by farming gate LD with a ojama farm deck :)
<< Anonymous
Resummons through the ojama country fieldspell dont count?
<< Anonymous
Maybe my count was sloppy.

Ill try a few more.

I dont have regulation to the tribe.

So i made a deck that summons ojama king 10+ times. The first as fusion summon.
Rest through the fieldspell.

I thought i had done this over 10 times, which would make 100.
<< Anonymous
Some says fusion monster must be properly fusion summoned for it to be counted. I'm not sure. Maybe you ought to check google or reddit or youtuber see if special summoning (not through fusion) does count.


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