Echoes of Silence Duel Links Card Pack

Level Up! and Level Down?! with 1 silent magician level 4 in hand equals 1 turn kill. Nice interaction man LUL. Not even fun to do PVP anymore. It will be just like the Naturia deck that everyone hates.
If you are OTKed by that you either had shit luck or you are bad at the game
For real? The combo is trash. In fact, all the combo shown in the preview is trash. Get better at the game
the only complain i have about the pvp are the skills... its just not balanced if one player starts with a field spell or is able to increase the monsters atk points... 17 out of 20 matches for me are against Yugi and Seto and always the same deck types... i would give my Treeborn Frog and 4 Mecha Phantom Hamstrat for a more balanced skill table
or maybe u just suck
<< Anonymous
^I know how to suck someone's deck.
<< Anonymous
You meant dick :v
This combo won.t be used by anyone. You need these 3 exact cards in your hand or on the field. Requires too much luck, and it will be inconsistent. This combo will only get you to gold
<< Anonymous
Except by super p2w players who will just buy the entire box 3 times over



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Why is CatTribe Beatdown not Tier 0?
Deck profile.
Look at all this pathetic DLM spam, enjoy it all being deleted in the single push of a button soo...
Or sphere kuriboh- it doesn’t target
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