Weevil Underwood (JP: Insector Haga)

Weevil is garbage and anyone who plays him should be in that rank since they're too lazy to draw out powerful monsters and decide to throw out cheap effects to make up for the lack of such monsters. Anyone can be cheap, but if everyone decided to be cheap, then so many people would stop playing the game.
Weevil Underwood
Who are you calling garbage?
I was a Regional State Champion!

Whats the matter is my tightening web making you squirm?
Let me guess...You are getting your ass handed by weevils lul
Insector HAGA
Stop Snickering
I COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AGREE....super fxckin garbage , all weevil users should just be put in the same group with each other so they can reflect on how gay they are
U guys only play the generic summoning powerful monster gene. Things like gk, 3sd, happies summoning are so generic meta. People are fighting op with op. Weevil pales in comparison and help in combating these meta. Its actually strategic burning. Think about it kid then whine about it.
Then what about tea with her skill duel standby? I think it's more garnage than weevil users. I totally agree with you that weevil users is garbage. But tea? Tea bag? She just ruin the rank with her fuckinh instant winning..
<< Anonymous
Plot twist, theres something called "skill" and "actually reading the card descriptions"



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What's the point of decks that just can't be beaten, being completely invincible other ...
Lol yes and I know exactly where you’re going with this
Bhaaaaa are you a sheep?
No way they are going to give 3 free cyber dragons. If his ace is really cyber end dragon, ko...
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